Big Fans


"Sarah worked incredibly hard throughout our tutorial and during each session she absorbed my feedback and used it to constantly transform her project [to] bring it to the next level... Her final project is now an extraordinary accomplishment... It is now a compelling and informative read."

Dina Elenbogen

Certificate in Creative Writing Final Project Evaluation, Univ. of Chicago


“Sarah was super insightful and engaging. She challenged me as a performer and really made me stretch myself more than I’m used to. She had a super fun energy and was always able to get me excited and ready to learn after a long day of class and work.”

Student, The Annoyance Theater, 2018


“Sarah is the best! I would take a class with her again any day and I would recommend anyone to take a class with her as well. She was helpful, encouraging, [and] generous with her knowledge.”

Student, The Annoyance Theater, 2018