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improv from an acting perspective

Improv is acting, plain and simple. Backed by a BFA in Theater Performance from the University of Michigan, I share tips and tricks comedians can use to tap into their inner actors. I challenge participants to approach improv as actors would scripted scenes, focusing on emotional impact, raising the stakes and responding truthfully, all while heightening their sense of play and comedic timing.

Offered through Super Human Improv.

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emotion-based improv

Emotionally-driven characters and grounded scene work are fundamental to hysterical improv. I draw on 13 years of performance experience, two years of teaching and countless lessons learned from personal on-stage failures to help improvisers boldly initiate, commit to emotional choices and heighten moments organically to build funny and poignant scenes.

Offered through Super Human Improv.


public speaking for writers

Presenting written work in public does not have to induce fear, nervous pre-performance nausea or post-show blues. My acting, improv, and live lit skills collide in this workshop designed specifically for writers in need of applicable tools  for overcoming stage fright.