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Sarah Ashley

freelance copywriter & journalist



Hi! I'm Sarah Ashley. 

I'm a freelance copywriter and journalist based in Chicago. 

Whether you're looking for impressive copy to build your brand, consistent blog delivery to establish industry expertise or an adventurous freelance contributor to eat termites* at a new gastropub and report back, I'm your woman! 

I studied theater before moving to Chicago to pursue improv comedy. After nearly a decade honing my comedic voice and earning a Certificate in Creative Nonfiction Writing from the University of Chicago, I now teach improv classes, host performance workshops and write for a living. Truth and authentic expression are important to me, which is why I live for reading and writing nonfiction. I also love entertaining, researching and traveling (I mean, who doesn't enjoy vacation? Idiots?). 

Don't be shy - holler at me! Let's work together. 

*Minty. 6/10. Would eat again.





You are smart and good at what you do. If you're not bragging about this in a constructive way, it's time to start. A blog is the best method for showing off your expertise, staying relevant in your trade and building trust with current and future clients. Updating a blog regularly with captivating content is the most effective inbound marketing strategy in which you can invest.  

I set up blogs specific to your needs. I'm talking content calendars, memorable posts, insider tips and calls to action that turn interested readers into devoted customers. LET ME BRAG FOR YOU. 

Articles & features

I will do deep research, interview people, visit places (in person!) or all of the above for lengthier features. I'm great at human interaction, conversation and observation. Happy to pitch stories specific to your publication or accept assignments you need written. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an inexpensive, simple yet productive way to promote your brand. So, don't blow it with dull, nagging messages! I promise you attention-grabbing copy that helps develop long-term relationships with the right folks via email. 


Ebooks & Whitepapers

Downloadable content demonstrates know-how and offers value to potential clients. Got an eBook idea? I'll outline and write it. Got no clue about whitepapers? I'll research, brainstorm and pitch some options. Got downloadable content on your site already? Let me check it out.

Maybe jazz it up a little. 




landing pages

Copy is a digital first impression. Ergo, your website is only as good as its copy. Hire me to write stunning copy that accurately - and impressively - represents you, your business and your voice online. You can thank me later (with money).

content refresh

So, you've got the skeleton but no muscle? I'm dying to inject your existing website copy or editorial content with more personality, humor and pizzaz. 



The possibilities are endless here: tag lines, brochures, big ol' signs, team bios, conference agendas, press releases, you name it! I write it. 

product descriptions

Let's get to the point, maintain brand voice and sell, sell, sell!


social media



Posting is #fun, but without a strategy behind social media content and methods of tracking success, posts are pretty useless. I create practical, targeted strategies for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.


Don't post gorgeous, professional photos without stellar captions. Also, don't post any photos without stellar captions. This is prime real estate for communicating with the outside world on a daily basis. Make it count. Emojis optional (but highly encouraged). 



Many businesses post and ghost. You've got to interact with followers, friends and commenters to increase traffic and boost brand awareness. This is time-consuming for you, but #fun for me.  



improv acting 3.jpg

improv from an acting perspective

Improv is acting, plain and simple. Backed by a BFA in Theater Performance from the University of Michigan, I share tips and tricks comedians can use to tap into their inner actors. I challenge participants to approach improv as actors would scripted scenes, focusing on emotional impact, raising the stakes and responding truthfully, all while heightening their sense of play and comedic timing.

Offered through Super Human Improv.

super human io .jpg

emotion-based improv

Emotionally-driven characters and grounded scene work are fundamental to hysterical improv. I draw on 13 years of performance experience, two years of teaching and countless lessons learned from personal on-stage failures to help improvisers boldly initiate, commit to emotional choices and heighten moments organically to build funny and poignant scenes.

Offered through Super Human Improv.


public speaking for writers

Presenting written work in public does not have to induce fear, nervous pre-performance nausea or post-show blues. My acting, improv, and live lit skills collide in this workshop designed specifically for writers in need of applicable tools  for overcoming stage fright.


Big Fans


"Sarah worked incredibly hard throughout our tutorial and during each session she absorbed my feedback and used it to constantly transform her project [to] bring it to the next level... Her final project is now an extraordinary accomplishment... It is now a compelling and informative read."

Dina Elenbogen

Certificate in Creative Writing Final Project Evaluation, Univ. of Chicago


“Sarah was super insightful and engaging. She challenged me as a performer and really made me stretch myself more than I’m used to. She had a super fun energy and was always able to get me excited and ready to learn after a long day of class and work.”

Student, The Annoyance Theater, 2018


“Sarah is the best! I would take a class with her again any day and I would recommend anyone to take a class with her as well. She was helpful, encouraging, [and] generous with her knowledge.”

Student, The Annoyance Theater, 2018




Holler at me!