Hi! I'm Sarah Ashley. 

I'm a freelance copywriter and journalist based in Chicago. 

Whether you're looking for impressive copy to build your brand, consistent blog delivery to establish industry expertise or an adventurous freelance contributor to eat termites* at a new gastropub and report back, I'm your woman! 

I studied theater before moving to Chicago to pursue improv comedy. After nearly a decade honing my comedic voice and earning a Certificate in Creative Nonfiction Writing from the University of Chicago, I now teach improv classes, host performance workshops and write for a living. Truth and authentic expression are important to me, which is why I live for reading and writing nonfiction. I also love entertaining, researching and traveling (I mean, who doesn't enjoy vacation? Idiots?). 

Don't be shy - holler at me! Let's work together. 

*Minty. 6/10. Would eat again.